To Assign, or Not to Assign? That is the Question. 

I just read this story from the Los Angeles Times and had to chime in with my two cents: 

This news story highlights one of the two reasons I don’t assign much homework anymore. The other is because the homework I DID assign wasn’t getting done. It became more of a struggle in terms of classroom management rather than the learning tool it was supposed to be. I have found that assigning homework that is review and can be independently done (and supports what we are learning in the classroom) is much more likely to be completed and enhances students’ mathematical confidence. And as such, homework really becomes a tool with which you can teach time management and study skills. Because, let’s face it, homework is a large part of a person’s college education, and they need to learn how to do it at some point. 

As far as homework for primary grades? I think homework for them should be playing. Not video games or computer games or watching TV…but PLAYING. Create a maker space in your house and fill it with “stuff”–anything that will spark your child’s imagination. And the conversations you can have around those creations will be priceless!

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