If Math Was…

A food, what would it be?

“If math was a food, it would be beef jerky because it’s hard to chew and math is hard to do.”

“If math was a food, it would be an apple because it can sometimes be hard to do and not fun, but during other times it can be a little bit easier and more pleasurable.”

“If math was a food it would be a good thing because you can keep multiplying it until you’re full.”

“If math was a food it would probably be noodles.  You first start off with hard noodles, then as you learn (a.k.a. boil the noodles) it gets soft (a.k.a. easier).”

“Pie. Since a lot of math problems involve pi.”

“If math was a fruit, it would be grapes.  Math would be grapes because grapes don’t come in one.  They come in multiples, just how math has multiple numbers or equations.  The vines on grapes can represent that they all connect to each other or that there’s different ways like how you can find different ways (to do things) in math.”

“Kale.  I would say math is kale because I don’t like doing math but I know that if I do it it will only help me in life.  Same with kale.  I don’t like eating it but if I do then it helps me in life by staying healthy.”

“If math was a food it would be a potato. Hard before you cook it but gets soft after boiling it for awhile.”

“If math were a food it would be chicken because everything tastes like chicken and everything uses math!”

“Grapes, because you can add and subtract them.  Sometimes it is hard (raisins).”

Weather, what would it be?

“If math was a weather I think I would describe it as a rainy day because when it rains most people want to get out of the rain and not deal with it. As for math most people want to run away from it, but at the end of the day math is important because you use numbers everyday.”

“If math was a weather, it would be sunny and cloudy because I like math but I don’t like homework.”

“Sunny because math is fun and keeps me excited with energy.”

“I think it would be rain, but it would suddenly turn into a natural disaster when a test comes.”

“If math was a weather, math would be cloudy weather.  It would be a cloudy weather because in math it can sometimes be confusing and dark clouds blur your thoughts.  But behind the clouds, the sun is always shining so when the clouds go away you get the idea.”

“If math was weather, it would be rain because sometimes you like it, or sometimes it can ruin your day.”

“Math would be lightning because lightning is fast and most times I can answer questions fast.”


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