Class Website

I started a class website today.  I tried to make it simple without too many pages that I have to keep updated.  My main purpose is to have a calendar for parents and students to access for homework due dates and important school events.  I added a class newsletter page–I hope I’m not being too ambitious and biting off more than I can chew! However, I always try to think from a parent standpoint, and this is something I would appreciate from my child’s teacher.  Any ideas what to include in the first newsletter of the year?  Leave a comment below or tweet me @nmcaligrl.

One thought on “Class Website

  1. Gary says:

    First newsletter, good way to introduce yourself and talk about your philosophy of teaching, and expectations you have in the classroom for your students. Maybe outline some steps they need to be successful this year. Luke’s teacher did a newsletter last year each week and I loved it. Kept Dena and I very informed of what was going on.

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