Barbie Bungee Two Ways

In the middle of the night on Friday, I decided it would be a good idea to do a Barbie Bungee activity with my math classes for the final week of school. I say “week”, but it’s officially 4 days…but really only 3 for my accelerated Math 7/8 class because I have students who bus in from two other schools for that block period…but for 1/3 of that class it will only really be 2 days…and for my 8th graders who think class is over and are focusing on promotional activities…well, your guess is as good as mine how many days I’ll have to do the activity with them.

My six year old and I went shopping for Bungee supplies today. We found Barbie and Ken dolls at Target for $5 each. We bought 7 so I can have students work in groups of three or four. (You might cringe at that price–I figure I will be using them again and again, so why not?) What I like about these particular dolls is that the swim suits on Barbie are painted on and there (hopefully) won’t be any inappropriate discussions about Barbie’s or Ken’s anatomy (since his shorts can’t fly up).

I like how Fawn handled it with her class–I may do the same. This activity will be too much fun to let one or two students ruin.

(Side note about the Ken dolls–while I was watching the video of the lesson on The Teaching Channel, my six year old noticed Mr. Roda used only Barbie dolls. He informed me that I was planning to do the activity incorrectly and that we needed to immediately go exchange the Ken dolls for Barbie dolls. Lol! Although, he might be onto something…but I won’t know until we do the activity this week).

I made two different handouts for the activity: one for Math 7 and one for Math 8. (I’ll be using the Math 8 one with my accelerated 7th graders). I feel that this activity has a lot of room for scaling up or down through the standards, and the way I structured it for both classes hits upon major themes we worked with in each grade earlier this semester. Since this will be a first time run-through for each variation, it will be interesting to see how the lessons actually take shape. I’ll let you know how it turns out with my next post!

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