Parent Feedback and Standards Based Grading


I made the full switch to standards based grading this year (after dabbling in it last year). Now that parent conferences are going into their second week, I’m finding that the way I have entered assignments into our online grade program is extremely useful in helping parents understand where their students stand with their learning. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from parents about it, most of them preferring this over seeing specific assignment names (e.g. Worksheet 1-4, #1-25 odds) which would tell them absolutely nothing other than how many problems their child got right out of a total of some arbitrary, random problems of which there is no explanation.

I think the parents (and students) also appreciate that several assignments go into scoring for each standard, and that the score fluctuates according to the student’s proficiency. I do not mark a score of 4 (meets standards) unless the student can show consistently over a period of several assignments that they understand and can apply the concept. Each score is fluid until the unit summative assessment, at which time their score is set.


I have also started including the 8 Math Practice standards in my assessment of student learning. I find it helpful to explain them as standards for engaging in math behavior. I assess them daily, especially during our daily warm up discussions and during independent/group work time. I am finding that focusing on these 8 standards is helping me be more aware of how engaged my students are while in my class

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