Day 2 MAP Takeaways…

Today was Day 2 of our Spring MAP marathon…I didn’t have many new revelations, but here are the takeaways I did have:

  • So many students were staring at the screen mindlessly–DON’T. DO IT. IN. YOUR. HEAD.  I gave you scratch paper for a reason!
  • Today’s scores were dismal…I was feeling very down in the dumps.  Again, beating myself up as a teacher.  However, I know deep down that whether their scores improved or not correlates directly to classroom engagement.  I do the song-and-dance routine–if they engage in it with me they learn.  If they don’t and sit passively day after day, they don’t. End of story.
  • I’ve decided to take their post-its and hand them back for them to do a reflective writing piece on their progress…or lack thereof. Possible reflection questions include: What was your score movement from Winter to Spring? Why do you think you moved in the that direction? (Be specific). Is there anything you could have or should have done differently (either on the test or in this semester’s work) if you weren’t satisfied with your progress?
  • I have been piloting ST Math with my intervention class this semester.  I don’t think it did a lick of good.  (I think this deserves its own blog post). Most of those students scores fell…some dramatically.  (Note to self: look at bullet point on engagement…)
  • I honestly believe that if students (and people IN GENERAL) did more puzzles and played more board games and games with strategy they would be better mathematicians.  Or at least have more grit to stick with SOMETHING for once.
  • I noticed A LOT of students scored fairly low on number sense…which quite frankly doesn’t surprise me. (Ugh.  Actually, double ugh.)
  • Should I have a party for those who DID move up to help celebrate their success?  I’m leaning toward “yes”…
  • I saw that some students learned to zoom in on their screen so they could see decimal points and grid lines on graphs better.  Way to use tools strategically!!
  • I spent all day in the computer lab…again.  I’m exhausted.  Is summer almost here?

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