I’m not a huge fan of testing, but since we are required to administer the MAP, I have to get my students to buy-in to it. Our 7/8 team of language arts teachers created an awesome goal form that tracks a student’s progress for two years and has a space for recording a goal to achieve for each of the three MAP tests we take. Prior to this test, I’ve used this form, but I decided to take a different route this time around. Taking a spin on Brooke Powers’ idea, using generic little post-it’s (low tech, I know…) I sat down with each of my 125 students today and we set a goal together. I believe this will have a powerful impact on their performance for two major reasons–they own it now, and that low-tech little 3×3 paper will be stuck to their computer monitor during the test so that it’s staring at them in the face the entire time.

Over the next two days, my 125 little darlings will filter through our computer lab and slog through all 54 questions on the MAP, using the growth mindset I KNOW they all have, and making me (and more importantly themselves) proud. I’ll be back in the next few days to blog about my take on the impact the “mini goal-setting conferences” had on their MAP growth.

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