Power of the PLC

Last week I posted an activity that I used in the classroom to help my 7th grade pre-algebra students practice with rates and unit rates using grocery store circulars.  Overall, I was happy with the result of the activity because it allowed them the practice but it wasn’t a boring worksheet. As testimony to the power of the PLC, Justin Aion (@JustinAion) saw the picture I tweeted regarding the activity and immediately screamed at his wife to stop throwing the grocery circulars away:


After a recommendation to stop yelling at his poor wife, I went about my day.  Then two days ago, Justin tweeted that he tried the activity in class and that it worked out pretty well!


He also blogged about this (and other things) here.

As a math teacher who is the only one in my department at my school, this type of PLC collaboration is incredibly powerful.  Because of #MTBoS, I’ve met a lot of wonderful middle school math teachers who are doing great things in their classrooms.  This entire experience (starting back in October) has enriched my lesson planning, formative assessments, and overall classroom presence.  And the true beneficiaries are my students.

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