SBG and the MTBoS Mission #2

Mission #2 made me all tingly and nervous!  As a participant I was asked to take part in a bunch of “tweeting” exercises–some that required me to talk to strangers…and we all know what they say about strangers!  Lol!  At least none of them offered me candy and a ride home…yet.

So, I took on the challenge and I tweeted a little bit more than normal, mostly using the hashtag #MTBoS to see if there were any like-minded middle school math teachers out there.  I’ll talk about two experiences–one that led to the other.

I was reading through a conversation happening on #SBGChat on Wednesday evening when I ran across this blog post by Derek Oldfield about standards based grading–something I am really interested in and I’m testing out this year in my class.  I retweeted the tweet with the link to the blog to #MTBoS and asked if anyone out there uses SBG in their classes.  That led to my second experience on Twitter–I met up with @JustinAion (who blogs here) who directed me to @algebrainiac1 who “rocks the SBG” according to Justin (LOL!) and whom I started following.  @JustinAion invited me to join the #MSMathChat on Monday evening and I’m super stoked about that–I don’t quite understand the chat process, but knowing it’s a great PD tool I’m excited to learn more about it.

So, I know I didn’t quite get myself out there into the Twitter world like I could have (I’m quite shy, you know), but I did explore outside my comfort zone a little and I know that first real foray will lead to much, much more!

4 thoughts on “SBG and the MTBoS Mission #2

  1. Cool that you had some chat experiences on Twitter! It’s hard for me to put myself out there on Twitter as well, but I’m hoping that the MTBoS challenges will continue to stretch us all. It’s been fun so far!

  2. My Latin teacher used to say, “A job begun is half complete.” I think we all deserve a pat on the back just for showing up. I also find it tough – sort of like walking up to a stranger at a cocktail party – to jump in with both feet, but I am happy just to still be in the game.

    What I really need is a system, whereby I only check twitter a certain time every day or week or whatever. It’s just too hard to tackle, otherwise. As we all like to believe, there’s enough time to do the things we choose to do.

    Sandra @sandrasoupmaker

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