Yay me! I started a blog!

I’ve honestly been thinking about starting a blog for some time.  Why do you ask? Well….it all started with subscribing to several blogs through Feedly over the summer.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading what other people are doing in their math classrooms–and out of their math classrooms, to be honest.  The dedication of these teachers to their students (and their families) is inspiring.

I also wanted a place to share and get feedback about what I’m doing in my own classroom.  I started a garden this summer. (Stay with me…this is totally related to starting a blog.  I promise!) My plants couldn’t grow if I didn’t water them and fertilize them and prune them when needed. (And let’s be honest…I had to completely toss some plants when they were overrun by disease).  Teaching is much like gardening: I need water and fertilizer and pruning too!  (Obviously in a metaphorical sense).  And my lessons need water and fertilizer and pruning as well.  I have only one set of eyes–and with this blog I’m hoping for AT LEAST one more.  (It would be great to get LOTS and LOTS more…but I’ll be satisfied with one…even if it’s just my mom.  Love you Mom!)

So…anyway.  Subscribe if you want!  Leave replies with constructive criticism and helpful comments.  I will be eternally grateful–as I hope my students and their parents will be!

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