Exploring MTBoS

Now onto what gave me the final push to start a blog–MTBoS.  The acronym stands for MathTwitterBlogosphere.  I’ve been following several folks (Julie Reulbach, Fawn Nguyen, and Dan Meyer to name a few) on Twitter and through blog feeds on Feedly for a few months now, but I decided it was time to join the conversation. Enter MTBoS!  I stumbled upon this in July and have been anticipating its arrival since then.  (And I knew I would be finished with the MOOC I enrolled in through Standford–Jo Boaler’s “How to Learn Math”–by now and would need something new to keep the gerbils in my brain cycling).

Here’s what I’m hoping for–PD!  Yep.  That’s right.  Professional Development.  It’s all well and good to participate in what your district prepares for you, but I when I can choose what I want to learn–I’m jumping on that bandwagon! I want to become a better math teacher.  I want to become a better teacher period.

Bring it, MTBoS!  Bring it!

5 thoughts on “Exploring MTBoS

  1. algebrasfriend says:

    Kaci – I’ve been teaching a long time and had been in administration a few years, when we moved. I decided to return to the classroom because I missed being with students and teaching! I was a little anxious about returning to the classroom and so I began hunting around the internet for help with secondary math. I stumbled on the MTBoS a year ago. I’m glad I did! PD is definitely available!! I follow more blogs than I can read regularly but every day I look at a few and every day I learn more about the craft of teaching, and specifically about teaching math! Welcome to our online faculty … can’t wait to read about your classroom!

  2. I hope that you are able to find what you are looking for. I know that the #MTBoS has been able to provide some of the best individualized PD that I have ever gotten. So, I know that it is out there for you.

    A bit of advice that I might offer is this: Be prepared to share artifacts on your blog. If you create something, an activity or resource, share it. If you try something that you found on someone else’s blog, post about it and link their blog. In this community, if it goes like it is for me, you will grow to respect the viewpoints and opinions of a some of the people you meet through the blog, and it is uncomfortable when those people stop by the blog to post come criticism in the comments, but that is where the growth comes from. That is how you get better.

    • Thanks Andrew. I’m looking forward to growing, which is the primary reason for creating this blog. And thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely be doing all of that.

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